2023 PEAK BAG 


"Happiness walks on busy feet.”- Kitte Turmell

Welcome to the 4th Annual Omondi Obura Peak Bag!!! Our aim is simple: rejoice, remember, connect!. Last year we had over 200 participants "bagging peaks" across 7 continents, rejoicing in each other and the outdoors, remembering those we miss, and connecting with new friends (and re-connecting with old ones). 

At the core of Peak Bag is Omondi Obura: an extraordinary classmate whose untimely passing we grieve, but whose spirit and irrepressible lightness of being we celebrate!  And in remembering and celebrating Omondi, we also look to improve the lives of young people who today face the same challenges that afflicted Omondi.

Many of you celebrated Omondi's memory by donating as well as peak bagging, and thanks to your incredible generosity, the Omondi Obura Fund for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention is now a permanent fund at Dartmouth - with over $275K to support mental health and suicide prevention programs at The College. 

We welcome all walkers, whether you wear green, purple, blue or any other color (though we are partial to green). The need for human connection through movement goes well beyond any one school, tribe, or family. Help us build outward. 

The fourth edition of the Peak Bag will take place on October 1, 2023 and we hope that you will join us wherever you are, and however you may have discovered this event, in a day of celebration of the life of a friend to many of us, but also to the multitude of  friendships that spawn and endure thanks to Omondi and the other great adventurous, welcoming spirits that, like Omondi’s, bring people together. 

Your impact, multiplied

As many of you know, Dartmouth and many other campuses have experienced a tragic wave of suicides. While the individual stories are different, there are similarities as well. Omondi, like students today, struggled with pressures from outside, with mental health internally, and with finding the support he needed to cope.

This is why the founders of this Peak Bag movement are so thankful to everyone who has contributed to the Omondi Obura Fund for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention - to benefit Dartmouth's mental health and suicide prevention programs. These programs include Dartmouth Cares, the current suicide prevention program on campus. Your generosity has helped ensure that at least one community (students, faculty, administrators) will be better equipped to recognize the critical signs of mental illness and to help afflicted students get the support they need.

Small steps taken in multitudes shall move even the greatest of peaks. :-)