A small group of Dartmouth College alumni have worked with the Dartmouth Development Office to establish the new Omondi Obura Fund for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention to benefit Dartmouth's mental health and suicide prevention programs, with a preference for the Campus Connect Initiative. The Campus Connect Initiative is a mental health awareness, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention initiative committed to three main goals:

Thanks to the generosity of early donors, this Fund is now a permanent endowment at Dartmouth.

But every additional dollar raised makes a meaningful difference. To encourage donations at all levels, and have a little fun, we have developed the following seven ways that you can help maximize the Fund’s impact:

Prizes will be awarded for the number of participants hosted or recruited and the number of pledges to the Fund. Have fun with it!

With the recent suicides at Dartmouth and beyond, we are more motivated than ever to tackle this and other mental health problems. For many of us, it is the cause of our lifetimes and one very near and dear to our hearts. Thank you so much for being a part of it. 


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If you would like to contribute to the Fund directly, you may also just click the button below.  

If you would like to donate separately to the Omondi Obura Scholarship Fund, please click here: Scholarship Donation