Between largely futile efforts to wrestle with the PeakBag website, Scott strives to keep the group from getting too serious and provides the (very) occasional strategic insight.

Among other varied experiences, Scott has helped create two internet start-ups in consumer credit, launched multiple drugs in oncology and radiology, and created the world’s first watch-based payment system. He currently resides at Bayer in oncology business development.

STEVE         COOK

Steve revels in connecting as many people as possible to Peak Bag.  Participants include his brother in South Africa, his nurse/nutritionist friend in Ghana, recent graduates who've cross his path, current students, his teenage kids, his kids' teachers, his wife's friends... It brings him great joy to see the world get a bit closer and have so many disparate connections come together. He sees the goal of Peak Bag as creating connections and helping to normalize the discussion about mental health. 

Steve is a family physician in Tacoma, WA and has spent most of his career working with underserved and underinsured populations.  He has served on the board of his local public health department and has also done mission work in countries like Ghana, Lesotho, Nicaragua and Haiti. He is the co-leader for Dartmouth '88 Hearts and Hands, formed to connect classmates in need or grieving with those classmates who can offer expertise or support.  A former Jeopardy winner, he may also be the most likely member of the team to say something inscrutably obscure and off topic during meetings. 

KATE           DOMIN

Representing the GenZ cusp, Kate spearheads the digital communication strategies and marketing for Peak Bag, including getting Peak Bag active on social media. An avid talker, Kate also has a professional background in communications and currently works in B2B marketing for a healthtech company, Doximity. 



Phil combines his keen enthusiasm for the peak bag with his poor extracurricular organizational skills in order to be a hot mess. Fortunately, he works with Kate H and Bill B and their steady hands to build an approach to raising funds supporting mental health on Dartmouth's Campus. 


Phil think's of Omondi often as he is hiking with wife Lori and/or sons Oliver and Elias, mountain biking with Elias and the Marin Academy High School Mountain Bike Team, boating on the Pacific in Gotta Scoot, or anywhere in the outdoors and works to channels Omondi's incredibly kind and ebullient spirit into all of his activities.  


Phil's day job is as a physician scientist and leader developing molecular diagnostics to improve outcomes for patients diagnosed with cancer.





Steve coordinates Peak Bag strategy and tries valiantly to herd the other cats here on this page. But really, Steve works for them.

Steve is a 30+ year supply chain expert with focus on sustainable business. He leads Research for Zero100, a think tank that guides C-level operations executives representing over $1 trillion collective spend toward a zero percent carbon future.










Juli is part of the social media and communications teams for Peak Bag. Additionally, she is focusing on expanding outreach and developing new ways for peak baggers to connect during our annual event!

Juli has been involved in healthcare research for 8+ years and has a passion for neuroscience and aiding those who struggle with mental health.