One of the perks of being on the Peak Bag organizing committee is that we get to sort thru the submitted photos, select the ones that tickle our fancy, and bequeath "awards" as we see fit.  There is no rhyme or reason to this and certainly no underlying merit, but we think Omondi would have enjoyed it.  So with no further ado, the 2022 Peak Bag Awards: 

Steve C: Meatloaf Award (all revved up with no place to go)

Erica: Dartmouth Sunday Morning Nostalgia Award

Cliff B: I Made it Past the Berenstain Bears Award

Tim A: Early Halloween Award (for peak bagging in a graveyard)

Multi-Classes European Alpine Award

Jack & Scott: Permanent Moosilauke Residence Award

Walt & Cindy: How Did You Guys get Roped into This Award

Glenn H: Wow, that South Africa??!! Award

Patrick R: Next Year I'm Doing this in a Kilt Award

Fred & Deb: The Dog's not in this One Because He's Driving Award

Dave G: Oops, Forgot to Check the Trail Report Award


Ann J: Who Needs Central Park Award

Ted N, P'26: Dedicated Parent Award

John & Alec: R.A.D. Status Uncertain Award (take off the hats, guys!)

Bob S: MN Tourism Promotion Award

Phil F: Love is Letting Your Wife Wear Your Windshirt Award

Awesome Foliage Award

Kate D: The Garden State Award

John H: Flat Earth Award (for finding a peak in DE)

Catherine C: Most Distinguished Dog Award

Val: Purple is the New Green Award

Elena: Rocking the '88 Shirt Award (for the 2nd consecutive year)

Kate H: Multi-tasking Award (for simultaneously supporting mental health and breast cancer awareness

Eli & Friends: We can Kick Miller and Havlick's Butt Award

Pete H: Almost Have a Lwt 8 Award

Brian S: I Like My Sister Better than Storr Award

Brian S: I Like My Daughter a Lot Better than Swanson Award

Lauren C: Bridging to a New Generation Award

Susan B: Who Needs Niagara Award

Lisa E: Urban Peak Bag Award

Meredith L: European Urban Peak Bag Award

Adam R: Up-state Award

Eloise & Paul: Yes, Woodstock is Still Stunning Award

Wendy P: Most Impressive Foliage Outside of NE Award

Bill B: Thank God I'm not on Top of Moosilauke This Year Award

Janine & Dave: Anybody Seen a Moose Award

Bill D: Kicking Back Award (what,,.no Alaska or Himalayas this year?)

Jonathan A: Canoes and Kayaks are Way Cooler Than Shells Award

Nick N: Collector's Item Award (5 pics from Nick with no dog or motorcycle)

Walt & Bob: Tough to Beat VT in the Fall Award

Ken B: My Daughter Refused to Hang Glide Award (because she's smarter than Kenny)

Steve H: Better Late than Never Award (for a strong 2nd wave the following weekend)

Heather E: Rubber Meets the Road Award (for the folks who are actually driving mental health awareness at Dartmouth

Kelly: Gotta Love the NW Award

Bart & Co: Rocky Mountain Army Award (that's an impressive group of peak-baggers!)

Scott S: Did I Really Used to Coach Half these Yahoos Award